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"We all have the potential for greatness."

With over 20 years experience servicing the health and wellness needs of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Mark Haffner has coached thousands of area residents, in the process making numerous friends and supporters, supporters like Alvin Rogal who wrote to us saying:



Mark's clientele come from all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. As Dr. Sufumi So attests:




And how is Mark able to accomplish such success stories with so diverse a clientele? as Charles Drummond explains:

"Mr. Haffner is a conscientious and skilled instructor who is extremely knowledgable of health and wellness issues and coaching methods. It has been evident to me that Mark takes each person's level of healtth and wellness and ability into account and plans each session to meet each person's needs. He always demonstrates concern for my welfare, repecting my personal health issues and limitations and effectively communicating with me to ensure he is aware of my needs."






Simply put, when it comes to your own needs, you will not find a better coach, mentor, guide, or friend than Mark Haffner.

"I have no doubt that his coaching my son over the years contributed greatly the fulfilling life my son is enjoying as a highschool student now. For myself, I have been able to reach a higher level of performance, learning, and satisfaction in health and wellness thanks to Mark."
"I am 84 years old and my wife is 81. There is no doubt that in our case, we our in wonderful physical condition because of Mark...I go to the office everyday, and my wife is very active. I give Mark most of the credit for that."